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Roopa Ramlogun & The Westchester Academy

Roopa Ramlogun owns and runs the Westchester Academy in Oldsmar, Florida, providing a valuable service to working parents - a safe haven for their children in a fun and educational environment. She wanted a business in which she could be with her children and yet find a fulfilling career. She has managed to do just this with Westchester Academy. Read on to find out how she did it  Read more...

Eye on Business Security Systems to Protect Your Business

Your business is an important asset and much like your home, needs protection in many ways. Most business owners spend their valuable time in protecting this asset from the financial point of view and in preparing themselves for any eventuality that may occur. Digital surveillance security systems offer a comprehensive and convenient package for businesses such as stores, hotels and convenience stores to not only protect them from inventory loss, but also to provide irrefutable proof in cases where they may be taken to court or as proof if their property is vandalized.  Read more...   


Beauty: Inner Beauty
In my latest book, “The Book of Absolute Beauty,” I have written, “a beautiful woman is one who values herself physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.” Yes, beauty is a total impact of all of these aspects. Mind and body are inter-related and interlinked. The state of one reflects on the other. There is yet another dimension - the soul - inner beauty.  It is more a part of us than the body and the mind.                            Read more...

Bollywood                            Kareena “Saif” with new love?

She may have shed the weight, but it looks like Bebo has lost her mind as well! It seems like only yesterday that her exclusive liaison with Shahid Kapur was the talk of the town. In fact, they were even dubbed as the cutest couple in celeb world!  Read more...


Cricket: When Politics Upstages Sports

It is the eve of the Pakistan/India ODI series and factors other than cricket have made their way into this great rivalry.  Political instability has led to the Pakistan nation going under a State of Emergency.  This will obviously play a big part on the Pakistani players psyche as they go into this much anticipated series. Read more..


Legal: Violence Against Women Act

VAWA was first enacted in 1994 and has since been reauthorized, the latest in 2005.  It allows non U.S. citizen and non Lawful permanent resident survivors of domestic violence and other crimes to obtain legal status without having to rely on their abusers. The focus is on battered spouses, children and parents of U.S. citizens or lawful Permanent residents. Read more...

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