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In simple terms a B-1 visa permits a person to come to the United States temporarily to attend business meetings, trade shows, conventions or engage in other business related activities as long as they do not involve gainful employment in the United States. Just like B-2 visa, the application to obtain B-1 visa is also made directly at the Consulate along with all the supporting documentation. There is no numerical limitation on the B-1 visa and once in the United States a person admitted in B-1 status may apply for an extension of status for a good cause.

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In India, Bollywood, Cricket and Politics pretty much sell and make headlines across the country. And sometimes, they marry to create some of the most interesting and controversial of personalities. We’ve had cricketers turned actors— Ajay Jadeja was one such disastrous example and then of course, every single actor in Bollywood believes they are worthy of being on the Indian Cricket Team.

The most fascinating of personalities are those that have dabbled in Bollywood and then moved on to Indian Politics. Sometimes they realize that politics demands more time and work from them, and decide to wander back into the big bad world of Bollywood. Other times, they stick it out and actually make a difference in the society. Using their popularity to their advantage, these very movie-stars go on to become important political dignitaries. CityMasala gives you the ultimate lowdown on which stars have taken to politics and actually made it … and the ones that did not. Read more...

Get The Most Out of a Bridal Show

To get the most from your bridal show experience, get there early and plan to stay for the entire event. If you are able to actually spend some time talking with vendors you can sometimes save yourself from additional appointments. Don't just walk by the vendor booths and pick up information. Try to talk to the representatives and see if you connect with them.

Personality and communication play a BIG part in wedding planning so this personal one-on-one time is important. On the other hand don’t expect the vendor to give you all the answers.  Read more...  

Quiz - Are you Assertive?

When it comes to the workplace, are you a “take charge” kind of gal/guy? Or would you rather take a back seat to those Type A types who always want to be the leader of the pack? Take the following quiz to learn if you are truly a born leader who can take charge of any situation, or if you’re simply a good worker who follows orders, but isn’t assertive in any way.

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