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Desi Style Dating

Love … the most exciting and confusing phenomenon of life. Love is something we learn along with our first few words and perhaps in a variety of languages and variations. As we grow up, it permeates every aspect of our life and becomes confusing to define. It’s the word that becomes sacred and precious, the object of a lifelong search, and the source of all confusion. Love is anything but simple and beyond definitive. Books, movies, friends, and family all provide insight and opinions on what love is but the fundamental question continues to linger: What is love and how do you get it?  Read more...   


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Moving back to IndiaCover Story

Planning to Move back home?

Returning to one’s homeland after a successful life in another country is a common dream that most immigrants have. Considering the recent downturn in the economy, many of us have thought about going back home and taking our chances there. Prema writes about three such stories, how it came about, the deciding factors, the actual move, the transition and how it ends up.  Read more...  

Job Hunting?

We covered HOPE [your mental mind frame], the hot industries and the industries that thrive during economic slowdowns and job sites in the last issue. In this article we will cover networking, resumes and interviews. Read more...  

Sholay Dosti


Are you a "Good" friend?

They say good friends are hard to find. These friends are the people who are there for you when you need them. They drop what they’re doing to help you. You trust them, you have fun with them, you share your tears and happiness with them. They can be brutally honestabout your mistakes but they are also your die-hard supporters. While you may have some really close friends who will go the extra mile for you, are you a good friend in return? Take our quiz to find out what your friendship quotient is!  Read more...   

Ten Golden Rules to Manage Weight!

Weight management is on everyone's mind. Every time you turn on the television, you are bombarded with stories about the growing obesity rate or the latest Hollywood diet. You have seen the commercials and you may own one or more of the widely marketed ab roll thinners, butt tuckers, tummy suckers and electronic fat removers.  Read more...   


Citizenship Application And Easy Pitfalls

I often get phone calls from people getting ready to file for U.S. citizenship. Most of the time they just need to ask some basic questions and want to file for citizenship on their own, without appointing an Attorney. Most of them feel that it is a straightforward application which does not require a lot of supporting documents, hence they can do it without the help of an Attorney. Well … this may be true for some but not so true for others.  Read more...   

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