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GPS units have come a long way. Some of the latest ones have been reviewed by Vish. Some can even help dodge traffic!

GPS Systems for Father’s Day Read More

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Cover Story

Before the Rains - Chatting with Santosh Sivan

 Acclaimed director Santosh Sivan’s first English language feature, “Before the Rains” released in the US on May 9th 2008 and stars Rahul Bose, Nandita Das, Linus Roach and two time Tony winning actress Jennifer Ehle.  Read More

Fathers & Daughters

Nurturing a Beautiful Bond

There is always a lot of hype associated with the importance of a mother’s role in the development of a child. What about the value of a good father, especially when it comes to the role that he plays in bringing up his favorite girl?


Madam Czarina

Kareena Kapoor is reigning supreme in Bollywood nowadays.  With Aishwarya, Preity, Kajol and Rani become increasingly “selective” about their films, Kareena is filling the void.  Read More

Chaat Masala

Chehal Pehal

CityMasala readers—here is a brand new column to let you know what is going on around town, the chehal pehal and the masala. If you have an interesting tidbit to pass on to us, write to  info@citymasala.com.  Read More

 Daru Ka Nasha

Kerala - This is How We Roll

Javid takes a break from his role as a sportswriter and delves into alcohol related musings reminiscent of his native state of Kerala and a specialty drink from that state called Kallu. Read More

NFL Football 101

With pre-season just around the corner (starting August 4th), Ashish writes about his other passion, football to introduce the basics of the game to first time watchers or to those of us who would like a slightly better understanding of it. Read More

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