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You must have heard about the “low carb” hype being discussed around you all the time. There is a small portion of the trend that is actually sensible and the rest is bunk. We do not have a very clear idea of what types of carbs are there and what they do once they get into our bodies. Some people are totally avoiding carbs whereas others are simply eating too much of high carbohydrate containing foods combined with very little or no exercise, which simply makes them fat. This lack of knowledge is causing people to fail their dieting regiments and end up gaining more weight than they had before their diet.  Read More

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Abhay Deol

On the Cover - Abhay Deol

He lives up to his first name and has fearlessly followed instincts instead of following trends. Abhay Deol has broken the mould of a typical Bollywood lead man by shattering conventions. Much like every character he plays, he has triumphed. Yet he affirms that he does what he is passionate about and doesn’t necessarily want to be a trendsetter. Being heralded as the trailblazer of new age Indian cinema, Deol has made his mark with films like Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! and DevD. Most recently he has appeared in Dev Benegal’s Road, Movie which premiered at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival and is yet to release internationally.   Read More

BOLLYWOOD Fitness Revolution

Over a decade ago, the likes of Madhuri Dixit, Karisma Kapoor and Kajol reigned at the box office. The actresses, each unique in their acting styles, were not only talented but also relatable in many ways especially when it came to the matter of body weight.

During the nineties, these actresses were of a normal healthy weight. Madhuri Dixit fans admired her bulky torso, need we remind you of one Dhak-Dhak number, versus Kajol’s boyish frame ala Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and finally Karisma’s sexy but gangly slenderness.

And while they weren’t considered fit, they were definitely standard in size, well nourished and such weights were attainable. But that was then. Post the new millennium, a new phenomenon took over Bollywood; one that saw the introduction of a new fitter Bollywood.  Read More


Immigration Reform - What it has to Offer

Among the migrant communities in the United States, both documented and undocumented, the most awaited news remains to be the passing of some Immigration Reform.

Immigration Reform has been long awaited, from the previous administration to the current one, there seems to have been a continuous wait on this particular issue, I just hope that the wait ends in the New Year 2010. By the way … Happy New Year to all of you! Whether this wait for immigration reform will come to an end in year 2010 is hard to say, but yes there are brighter chances of passing of the immigration reform bill than there were before.  Read More

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