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Lara Dutta was recently admitted into the hospital to rid herself of some extremely painful kidney stones. The actress has been complaining of excruciating pain and found herself admitting herself into a hospital in Mumbai. A source close to the actress confirmed, “Lara has been complaining of pain for quite some time. She has been religiously working out and ever since the pain, she had to cut down on that. However, once it got too uncomfortable, she decided to check in and get the stone removed.” The actress was in the midst of shooting for Sajid Khan’s Housefull when her kidney issue kicked in. She was called up by co-stars Ritiesh Deshmukh and Deepika Padukone a few times to check on her wellbeing. Of course, Lara isn’t the first actress to find herself in the hospital. In the past, Saif Ali Khan found himself in the hospital for heart ailment and a gastro; SRK was admitted for severe back pain and Priyanka Chopra for exhaustion. Read More

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Kama Sutra

For a New Time

February is the month of love, so why not celebrate by picking up the universal classic text on love aphorisms - The Kama Sutra. Embark on this journey into the past with your loved one and apply it to your present relationship or simply read it for your own pleasure and enjoyment. Revel in it, play with it, and learn from it!

This 2000-year-old document originated during the 4th Century C.E. but it is said to have existed in oral form for centuries before that. Translated from Sanskrit it literally means “Treatise on Pleasure”.   Read More

How Green Are YOU?

“Green” is talked about at personal as well as at business level. The market for green goods and services is large and growing. No one knows the exact number because the market is based on a psychographic rather than a demographic. That is, it is behavior based instead of socio-economically which is a measurable demographic like sex, age, education, income and politics.  Read More


Born in India or China?

I know it is hard. Waiting on the priority date to become current, when it seems to be retrogressing more often than progressing, is downright frustrating and feels so unfair. It also tends to be a more expensive way of getting to the ultimate destination of acquisition of a green card. It is expensive because most of the time people have to keep extending their non immigrant status in order to maintain their valid legal status in the U.S. while their green card process is awaiting the priority date to become current. To top it all, it feels even more wrong when all this frustration, unfairness and apparently uncalled for expenses are for no fault of your own.  Read More

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