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Meet Karishma Mahtani

Karishma’s proposed House Bill 1127 is an enhanced penalty. It does not ban the use of handheld electronic devices, but instead it enhances the penalty for teenagers from ages 15-17 (if they are using handheld electronic devices while driving) that receive a citation for a traffic violation in the state of Florida. If a teenager is being cited for a violation, he/she will be charged additional $50 fine and one point assessment on his/her driver’s license.  Read more...  

Job Hunting?

With 639,000 new jobless claims, it is prudent to be a step ahead and watch out for yourself. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who have been laid off or have a strong feeling that your current employment may be in jeopardy then this article will help you get a lead in your job search efforts. Read more...  


Ready to tie the knot?

Take our quiz and find out.  Read more...   

It may have been short ... But it was sweet!

It was on the evening of the 54th Idea Filmfare Awards that actor Arjun Rampal won the best supporting actor award for his role as Joe Mascarenhas in ‘Rock On’, and he was thrilled. However, later that night something began to nag at him. Being overwhelmed at the time of his win, he realized much later that he left someone, who meant a great deal to him, out of his acceptance speech. Therefore, in a SMS (Short Message Service) he sent his apologizes. To whom? Bollywood megastar, Amitabh Bachchan. Read more...   


Federal Rules For Foreign Graduates, STEM Extension & Cap Gap

By the time the present column will be printed, a number of foreign graduates who were also the first time applicants for the H-1B visa this year, may be struggling to figure the benefits of Cap Gap and STEM extensions in their particular case. These terms may not hold any importance to a regular reader but the foreign graduates know what I am writing about. In this column I will attempt to briefly explain these concepts in order to do away with some confusion that the students may be facing. Read more...   

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